Friday, January 9, 2015

The Last Pheasant Hunt on a Favorite Farm

I do believe the biggest threat to hunting isn’t anti-hunters or anti-gunners. It’s lack of access and habitat.  Take away places to hunt and you won’t have hunters.  

One of the last hunts I made in 2014 is also the last hunt I’ll make on one of my favorite places. Yesterday I killed one final pheasant on my friend Steve’s farm.  I knew the place was for sale, and after the hunt he told me it had sold to a real estate developer. As one of several siblings and the only one who lived on the farm, he was in the minority when they made the decision to sell.

I was lucky to have the farm to hunt on as long as I did. It was a five-minute drive from my house, bordered by town on two sides. There were always pheasants there, and a covey of quail I rarely shot, and it’s the place where I got hooked on goose hunting, too. It was a high spot, and the first farm outside of town, and on the right day you could see thousands of geese overhead. When you looked west or south, you could forget you were right next to a city of 100,000 people.

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