Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Hiring - Quail Research and Management Technician


We are hiring a Quail Research and Management Technician to assist ongoing efforts on the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch, located in Fisher, Co Texas.  Job responsibilities will include major efforts in radio telemetry, quail trapping, call count surveys, raptor ID, small mammal trapping, use of tractor and implements, and more.  You will receive exposure to a wide variety of data collection techniques, learn to use farm equipment, and gain hands-on experience in habitat management.

In March 2007, the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation was granted its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit status as a charitable organization and the deed to our Research Ranch was transferred to the Foundation later that year. Operations began in early 2008, and from that time RPQRF has invested tens of thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and so much more into research, education, and outreach for wild quail both on and off the Research Ranch. 

Our Research Ranch is 4800 acres of quail habitat representative of millions of acres in the Rolling Plains. It is the living laboratory in which we collect data, manage habitat, and monitor a multitude of ecological relationships. We collect data on bobwhite and scaled quail abundance, survival, reproduction, and movement; small mammal abundance; mesocarnivores; and many quail predators. Our ongoing habitat management activities include planting of food plots, invasive species control, prescribed fire, brush sculpting, and soil disturbance.