Thursday, December 18, 2014

NJ Additional Pheasants To Be Stocked December 2014

Additional Pheasants To Be Stocked
December 15, 2014
An additional 5,000 pheasants will be stocked for hunters this month by the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife. The surplus birds are available as a result of an excellent production year at the Rockport Pheasant Farm.
The Division had already committed to stocking 10% more birds (55,000 vs. 50,000) during its regular stocking season than was published in the 2014-2015 NJ Hunting and Trapping Digest (page 64), and has already used 1,000 of the surplus birds to double the number of pheasant stocked during the November 1, 2014 Youth Pheasant Hunt. The projected total stocked for hunters now exceeds 60,000 birds.
These additional 5,000 birds will be distributed statewide during the last 4 days of the current stocking season. The allocation of the additional birds is planned as follows:
  • Saturday, December 20 - additional 1,000 pheasants
  • Tuesday, December 23 - additional 1,500 pheasants
  • Saturday, December 27 - additional 1,500 pheasants
  • Tuesday, December 30- additional 1,000 pheasants
To close the gap between the cost of the pheasant program and the revenues generated from it, this year the Division also sold approximately 3,000 pheasant. Proceeds from this sale are being reinvested into Rockport to cover a portion of the costs associated with routine maintenance at the farm.

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