Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The worst way to end a streak… Pheasant Hunting

We are in South Dakota, and hunted CREP land this afternoon (CREP is a special program in certain areas of SD that allows public hunting).  Dutch picked up scent of a bird a few minutes out of the truck. Followed him for several hundred yards before he slammed on point. I walked in, the rooster exploded behind me, and after all the calm shots I have been talking about before, I was a tad bit flustered. I recovered enough to drop a leg,  then hit him again, but he kept going. Watched him sail past Dennis out of range, and kept waiting for him to fall. I saw him swoop in to cover abruptly, a sometimes sign of a mortally wounded bird, and hustled over to (hopefully) find him, even though he was several hundred yards away. 

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