Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just Walking

Well now that we are shut off from public land until mid July all of the exercise that the dogs get is from walking.

Saturday we walked around the lake and it took about an hour.
Sunday we went to a new are and walked for 90 minutes.

Next time I'll have to take my GPS along and figure out how far I went.

I used this a fair amount last fall with the MapSource software to save all of my hunting locations and to make sure I didn't get too lost. It is a nice small unit and worked pretty well. Decent screen. Software worked well also.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pheasant Hunting at Cabela's

Went to Cabela's in Rogers, MN this past weekend.
Met up with a pheasant hunting buddy and his family there.
Didn't buy much but did look at a couple of new shotguns.

Bad news was delivered as they said no more sidewalk sales.
I'm pretty bummed as I had scored a lot of great deals there over
the past years.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last Public Run Of The Season

The birds are starting to nest so we made out last run to a WMA for a workout.
We went a couple of miles outside of Fairibault, Mn and ran my English Setter, Marge and my Pointer Fergie. My buddy brought his two GSP's with also.

Ended up seeing a half dozen pheasants, 3 turkeys (the first we've ever seen there in 5+years of running dogs on this unit)

Afterwards headed over to Cabela's (Owatonna) to see if they had any deals. One of the guys said that they weren't going to have any more of the big sidewalk sales. I was bummed.